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Vid: Enter the Wu-Tang (Collector's Edition)

Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers of Death (Collector's Edition)
Audio and Video Editing: hapex_legomena
Video Source: Lord of the Rings
Audio Source: all songs by the Wu-Tang Clan
Warnings: spoilers for RaceFAIL '09
Actual Content Notes: violence, language, brief bright flashes
Summary I: An audio-visual essay deconstructing orcing and the emulation of the behavior and appearance of other nithings in the pursuit of performance art.
Summary II: In an alternate universe where orc hordes start an internet flamewar with the good white peoples of middle earth in order drag the blogosphere down into a never-ending age of darkness and wank, the only way men can hope to save their fantasy world is to destroy the source of the POC hive vagina's Sauron's power.

Special thanks to acridnym for beta.

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

Thinky Thoughts: A Semi-Organized Post Including a Lurker's Belated Thoughts on Racefail

download at mediafire: WMV 57.69 MB 720x400

download/stream at vimeo
password: 36chambers

Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers of Death (Collector's Edition) from hapex legomena on Vimeo.

ETA: Ways in which this differs from the individually posted parts: I changed the aspect ratio on the title cards, and the content of the title cards of part 1 and 2, and I changed some things in part 4.
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